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Types of salt

Four types of salt are produce in Valle Salado using natural and ecological systems.

Salt from the springs

Extremely pure salt crystals due to the natural origin and evaporation of the raw material. The brine flows from underground veins of solid salt that are over 200 million years old.

Rich in minerals and trace elements, it enhances the flavour of all foods.

Salt Flower Flakes

Crunchy flakes that form on the surface of the salt-pans during the brine evaporation process. They are collected by hand before they sink.

Recommended to provide a final touch of luxury to meat and fish dishes.

Chuzo (Salt Stalactites)

Fine, pure and high-quality salt stalactites that form due to the leakage of brine from the salt-pans, structures and channels.

Ground on finished dishes, it provides a fine salt that dissolves quickly in the mouth.

Liquid Spring Salt

Liquid gold that flows from the springs. The salt-workers concentrate the water in a natural manner, achieving a concentration of 280 grams of salt per litre.

Especially designed to dress salads and spray on meat and fish.

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