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Top quality salt

One of the main economic driving forces in Valle Salado is the production of top quality salt. Given the characteristics and uniqueness of the landscape, salt-making activities are geared to the production of natural, ecological and high-quality salt that can compete in the market with other salt products from the best traditional salt works. Consequently, Añana Salt is considered one of the best salts in the world.

From an economic point of view and regarding the future of the Cultural Landscape, it is vital to enhance salt making activities. The Valle Salado de Añana Foundation, besides being in charge of production, is working to create a brand image that will reflect the extraordinary quality of the salt. With this in view, we have sought the altruistic collaboration of several of the best Chefs in the world, who support its properties by using it in their restaurants and contributing their image to the project.

Salt is produced using traditional techniques and based on parameters of sustainability and respect for the landscape. The feasibility of the salt production activity will also ensure the preservation of the values of authenticity and integrity of Valle Salado.

This commitment to quality represents a new approach. Instead of only producing one type of salt, as had been the case throughout history, the Foundation has released four types of natural salt: Mineral salt from the springs, Salt Flower Flakes, Liquid Spring Salt and Salt "Chuzos" (sticks).

The "Chuzo" is a unique product worldwide and, given its limited production, is almost a collector's item. "Chuzos" form by virtue of small filtrations of salt water through the structures and channels. Drop by drop, salt stalactites are formed and, based on taste analyses performed by specialists, are considered to be the highest quality salt.

The production and sale of Añana Salt significantly contributes to the self-financing of the recovery and enhancement project.

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