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Legal Notice General Terms of use of the site.

These "General Terms of Use" govern the use (including mere access) of the web pages which belong to the Valle Salado de Añana Foundation-Añanako Gatz Harana Fundazioa (hereinafter "FVS") website, hosted under the domain name (hereinafter ""), including the contents and services made available to users on such web pages. is a website entirely owned by FVS. Any person accessing (hereinafter "User") agrees to submit to the General Terms of Use in force each time they access this website.

FVS is a foundation with Tax Identification Number G-01458454 and registered in the Register of Foundations of the Basque Country with registration number F-245. Its contact details are:

- Address: Plaza Miguel Díaz de Tuesta, 1, 01426 Salinas de Añana (Álava);

- Alternative e-mail address:

- Telephone number: 945351413

- Fax number: 945351426

The content and services FVA make available to Users on (hereinafter "Content" and "Services", respectively) may likewise be regulated by special terms (as agreed on the forms completed and validated by Users) that, in case of conflict, shall prevail over the General Conditions (hereinafter "Special Terms"). Users are also subject, each time they use the relevant Content or Service, to the relevant Special Terms that apply.

Consequently, Users must read the Terms carefully each time they intend to use and, where appropriate, the relevant Special Terms each time they intend to use any specific Content or Service.In any case, FVS reserves the right to change the presentation and configuration of, as well as these General Terms or the relevant Special Terms at any time and without prior notice.

The terms and conditions resulting from the General Terms and the various Special Terms applicable to each User in relation to shall be considered and called the "Contractual Relationship". 


2.1 Use

Unless otherwise specified in the Special Terms, the use of shall be free, subject to cost of connection through the relevant telecommunications network, for Users to access.

Users acknowledge and voluntarily and expressly agree that is used in any case under their sole responsibility.

By using, Users agree not to behave in a manner that could damage the image, interests and rights of FVS or third parties or that could damage, disable or overload the site, or that could impede in any way, the normal use of

FVS adopts reasonably adequate security measures to detect viruses. However, users should be aware that the security measures of computer systems on the Internet are not entirely trustworthy and that, therefore, FVS cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements that may cause alterations in Users' computer systems (software and hardware) or to the electronic documents and files contained therein.


Content published by FVS, except content expressly excluded by FVS or content where an author other than FVS explicitly appears are licensed under CCPL (Creative Commons Public Licence), allowing, free of charge, the rights of reproduction and public communication under these conditions:

Acknowledgement: The credits of a work must be acknowledged by means of an direct link to the individual page where the said content had originally been posted and indicate whether any changes have been made. In the case of printed media, it will be sufficient to mention the general "URL". Under no circumstances does such acknowledgement imply that FVS supports the use made of the work. 

2.3 Intellectual Property Rights

The contents provided by FVS as well as the content downloaded to the net via the website, are protected by current intellectual property legislation.

Any form of copying, distribution, public communication, processing, disposal of and, in general, any other act of public use of the web pages or of their content and information is prohibited without the express prior written consent of FVS, except as provided in the previous paragraph (Terms of Use of content under the Creative Commons Public Licence).

Consequently, all the content displayed on the various websites and in particular, designs, text, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, trade names, trademarks, industrial designs or any other symbols of industrial and commercial use are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights held by FVS or third parties who have duly authorized their inclusion in the various web pages, except as provided in the previous paragraph (Terms of Use of content under the Creative Commons Public Licence).

Any act by virtue of which the users of the services or contents can commercially exploit or make use, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, of any of the content, images, forms, indexes and other formal expressions that are part of the Web pages is prohibited without prior written permission of FVS, except as provided in the previous paragraph (Terms of Use of content under the Creative Commons Public Licence).

FVS is free to restrict access to web pages, products and/or services offered therein, as well as the publication of opinions, observations, images or comments that users may contribute via email. 

In this regard, FVS, may, if it considers appropriate, subject to the sole and exclusive responsibility of Users, establish the necessary filters to prevent any contents or opinions considered racist, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, defamatory or which in any way encourage violence or spread content that is clearly illegal or harmful, from reaching the Internet through its Website.

Users who submit suggestions, comments or opinions to the FVS Web pages via the electronic mail service understand that they authorise FVS to copy, disseminate, exhibit, broadcast, transmit, issue them in any format, to store them on physical or logical media (for example discs or computer hard discs), to digitise them, make them available from FVS databases, translate, adapt, correct them or any other alteration that said comments or opinions require for copyright protection as covered by law, unless otherwise expressed in uncertain terms, in the cases in which the nature of the services or contents make this possible.

Furthermore, it is understood that this authorisation is granted free of charge and that by sending such comments, opinions or suggestions via e-mail, Users decline any claim to remuneration from FVS.FVS may not be held liable for third-party content, services, products... that may be accessed directly or via banners, links, hyperlinks, framing or any other means form FVS websites.

Users who send images, photographs, comments... guarantee that they are the owners of the said media and have the necessary authorisations (especially in the case of data or images of third parties and, particularly in the case of minors).

FVS may not he held liable for any ideas expressed by users and FVS reserves the right to suspend or delete any comments that fail to comply with these terms.

2.4 Hyperlinks and Linked Sites

2.4.1 Hyperlinks

Any user and, in general, any individual or legal entity may establish a hyperlink or technical link device (for example, links or buttons) from their website to (hereinafter "Hyperlink").

Establishing a Hyperlink does not imply, under any circumstances, the existence of any type of relationship between FVS and the owner of the site or web page where the hyperlink was established, nor of any acceptance or approval by FVS of their contents or services.

In any case, FVS reserves the right to prohibit or disable any Hyperlink to at any time, especially in cases of unlawful activities or content on the website where the hyperlink was established.

2.4.2 Linked Sites makes available for Users hyperlinks or technical link devices (for example links or buttons), solely for the purpose of searching for and accessing information, content and services available on the Internet, that will enable Users to access Internet sites or portals that belong to or are managed by third parties (hereinafter "Linked Sites").

FVS does not offer or sell, either by itself or through third parties, the information, content and services available on Linked Sites, nor does it approve, supervise or control, in any way, the content and services and any material of any nature that exists on the said sites. Users exclusively assume all responsibility for browsing the said sites. 


Unless expressly provided in these General Terms or in Special Terms, FVS may not be held liable for any damages of any nature that may arise from any lack of accuracy, completeness, updating, or from any errors or omissions that may affect any Content or Services included and provided via or other content that may be accessed via, nor does it assume any duty or commitment to verify or monitor the said content and information.

In addition, FVS does not guarantee the availability, continuity or the infallibility of the operation of and, consequently, excludes, to the fullest extent permitted by current law, any liability for damages of any nature that may be due to any lack of availability or continuity of and of the Services enabled on the said website, and for any errors when accessing the various web pages or those from which, if relevant, the said Services are provided.

More specifically, FVS may not be held liable for any damages of any nature that may be caused by the services provided by third parties through, or for any media that they enable in order to manage service requests, and more specifically, as way of example but not limited to: acts of unfair competition and illegal advertising as a result of the provision of services by third parties through and any lack of veracity, accuracy, completeness or any defects, relevance and/or updating of the content transmitted, disseminated, stored, received, obtained, made available or accessible through the services provided by third parties via 


Users can make a purchase on the Valle Salado de Añana on-line store (hereinafter "On-line store") with or without prior registration by registering a "User Account".

Furthermore, in order to use the On-line Store, Users must take the following information into account.

4.1 On-line Store purchase process

Step 1. There is a product catalogue with all available items. Users can access the on-line store via the "On-line Store" button or from the "On-line Store" menu. 

On accessing the On-line Store, Users will be able to view the various items available on the On-line Store. Users may obtain all the information on a given item by placing the cursor on the name or image of the said item.

Step 2. After choosing an item and, if relevant, the number of items desired, Users must click on the "Add" option on each product. A "Your Purchase" window will automatically appear in the top right-hand corner of the screen where Users may view the list of products selected so far. Users will always have the option of change the number of units, delete an item by reducing the number of units to zero, and even deleting all the items on the order by clicking on the "Empty" button. Users may continue adding items to the order by clicking on the "Add" button on each item.

Users may view the number of items in the order and the accumulated amount of the current order in the "Your Purchase" window at all times.

Step 3. When Users have finished selecting items and wish to purchase them, they may proceed to make the order by clicking on the "Make Your Order" button in the "Your Purchase" window.

Users may then make an order as a guest or register and make the order by accepting the Data Protection Policy.

Step 4. If Users are not registered, they will have to fill-in their billing information, delivery information and method of payment.

Users must take into account that the On-line Store only accepts payments by credit card. In order to proceed to enter their bank details, Users must click on the "Make Your Order" button. This procedure will be performed via a payment gateway with a bank, under a secure environment, and implies that the data provided will be registered in FVS files even if the payment process is not completed.

The transfer of the ownership of the items purchases will take place the moment the order is delivered at the address given by the User on the relevant form.

Step 5. Once the process has been completed, a screen will appear with the information on the order and the User will have the option to print it by clicking on the "Print" button. In any case, Users will receive an electronic mail message confirming the order made.

In the event of any query regarding the purchase process, Users may contact the On-line Store using the following means:

- Telephone: (+34) 945351413 (From Monday to Friday during office hours)

- Fax: (+34) 945351426

- E-mail: 

4.2 Relevant information regarding the On-line Store

4.2.1 Terms of delivery

The On-line Store endeavours to provide Users and customers with the best possible service. Deliveries can be made to any part of Spain.

Dispatch from the warehouse.

The deadline for dispatching products from the warehouse is 72 hours (if the item is in stock), except if the order is made on a Friday, in which case the order will be dispatched on the following Monday.

Delivery deadline.

Once the carrier company receives the order, it will try to deliver it to the User as soon as possible; however, FVS is unable to confirm the delivery deadline accurately as this will depend on delivery conditions. 

4.2.2 Prices

The prices of the items that can be purchased at the On-line Store and that are displayed on include Value Added Tax (VAT), except the tickets, which are exempt of this tax. 

4.2.3 Shipping costs

A carrier unrelated to FVS will deliver the orders and, therefore, shipping costs will depend on their current rates. Shipping costs will be indicated in the electronic mail message confirming the order and will be borne solely by the User.

If an order exceeds 100 euros (VAT excluded), Users will not have to pay shipping costs. 

4.2.4 Returning ItemsIf a mistake is made or any of the items delivered are defective, Users that opt to exchange them will have 7 calendar days from the date they receive the order to notify FVS of this circumstances. In such a case, Users may request the cancellation by calling 945351413.

The items in question must be sent to the address indicated in section 1 of these General Terms.

FVS will only reimburse Users for the costs derived from returning the items when the mistake is attributable to FVS or if a product is defective.

In the case of tickets, unless a mistake is attributable to FVS, the price of the tickets will not be reimbursed; however Users will be given the option to change them for other tickets for a different time and date.

Cancelling an order.

Users may cancel an order, without any additional cost, before it reaches the shipping phase. In such a case, Users may request the cancellation by calling 945351413. 

4.3 Acceptance of the General and Special Terms

The completion and submission of the purchase order implies the User's full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the General Terms and Special Terms. 

5. BECOME A VALLE FRIEND PROGRAMME offers Users the possibility of joining our "Become a Valle Friend" programme by filling-in an application form. Payment can be made by direct debit to a bank account provided or via credit card. In both cases, FVS will store these bank data to manage annual renewals of the Programme, although Users may access this data to correct, cancel or change the data or to oppose its processing, at any time under the terms displayed in our personal data protection policy.

Users can obtain information on all the benefits of the programme by clicking on "Valle Friends" section in the menu.


In order use some of the Contents and Services included in, Users must previously provide FVS certain personal information (hereinafter "Personal Data"). FVS will process these Personal Data digitally for the purposes and under the conditions defined in its Data Protection Policy published on this URL and that Users must consult and accept specifically when they enter personal data. 


The provision of the service is, in principle, indefinite. However, FVS is authorized to cancel or suspend all or part of the provision at any time, without prejudice to any contractual commitments that may exist with Users. The cancellation of the service in part or completely will not oblige FVS to warn Users in advance, without prejudice to any contractual obligations assumed with Users whenever reasonably possible.


Users may not transfer any Contractual Relationship, in whole or in part, and the rights or obligations arising under it without the prior express and written consent of FVS.

FVS may transfer Contractual Relationships, in whole or in part, and the rights or obligations derived from them to any third party of its choice without the prior authorisation of Users or notification. 


All communications between the parties shall be in writing, whether by post, telefax or e-mail sent, in the case of FVS, to the addresses indicated in these General Terms and, in the case of Users, to the contact information they have provided. Communications will be deemed delivered and received when, in the case of letters, acknowledgement of receipt has been obtained and, in the case of telegrams, fax or e-mail when reception has been accredited. Any communication sent to the addresses provided by Users will be understood to be correctly made unless Users have previously notified FVS of any change of address at least 15 days in advance. 


Users are aware that FVS may change the current General Terms and the Contractual Relationship at any time without the need to notify the Users. Users may regularly check the General Terms to see the terms applicable at any given moment. 


These General Terms are the express statement of the will of the parties regarding their purpose and supersede any verbal and written agreements prior to their acceptance by Users.

If any clause in these General Terms were declared void or invalid, this fact would not affect the validity and enforceability of the other clauses, which will be interpreted and applied in the legal sense closest to that derived from the application of the clause considered void.

The waiver by either party regarding any failure of the other party to comply with the provisions of these General Terms shall not constitute a waiver of any future breach of the provision or of any other obligation. The delay or failure of the parties to exercise any rights that may correspond by virtue of the General Terms shall not constitute a waiver of the said rights. 


These General Terms and any Contractual Relationships will be governed by Spanish law.

Except in the case of consumers and users, in which case the provisions of applicable law shall be applied, Users and FVS renounce to any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled and submit to the Courts of the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) in the event of any dispute regarding the validity, effectiveness, compliance, interpretation, execution or any other issue relating to these General Terms and Contractual Relationships.

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